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With a fashion-forward and innovative mindset, we design and manufacture cutting edge products tailored to both the Epson Moverio BT-200, BT-300, and BT-2000 to optimize users’ viewing experience.


The BT-350, Epson's third generation of enterprise smart glasses integrating BT-300's Si-OLED display technology, is ideal for multiple user scenarios through sophisticated engineered spring temples for better comfort and durability.

BT-350 Sun Shield
$99.00 $49.00


The BT-300, Epson's third generation of smart glasses currently available for pre-order, is 20% lighter with improved features including a fully transparent Si-OLED display and 5m pixel camera.


The Epson® Moverio™ BT-200 is a binocular, in-the-line of sight device with a see-through, augmented reality display. The impressive full-color, wide-panel display makes it ideal for both entertainment and enterprise applications. With both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, connecting to the Internet, wireless keyboards and headphones, and your Android-based smartphone is a breeze. Continuous hands-free connectivity provides endless possibilities.


The BT-2000 is rugged, feature-rich, and optimized for industrial applications. Its flip-up feature moves the display from your field of view without having to remove the headset. With programmable function keys designed to support usage with gloves, onboard and local voice control, hot swappable battery that provides all-day usage without outages, and enhanced connectivity (2.4 & 5GHz WiFi®; Bluetooth™ 3.0 & BLE1), the BT-2000 is built specifically for the industrial workplace, poised to improve operational efficiency and ultimately change how work gets done.

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Epson BT-300 Video

BT-200 Instructions
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Epson BT-200 Video

VEK Brochure
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Our Enhancements

The Moverio is not designed to fit over all prescription glasses, which makes it difficult for anyone with a vision correction to see the impressive display. Our prescription frame inserts solve this problem, allowing wearers to experience the Moverio™ fully, without visual impairment and strain.

We also offer various fashionable accessories and a Visual Enhancement Kit for quick-change visual correction.

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