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The only lens optimized for smart glasses








The only frame designed to fit under VR devices

The wire frame construction, patented temple arm and classic look allows UnderRx frames to be worn on their own in addition to underneath smart glasses, making them a more universal frame solution than device-specific inserts.

The patented temple arm design for UnderRx was originally developed for Navy seals, divers and first responders to fit underneath a variety of masks without breaking the airtight seal. Using the same Military-grade concept, UnderRx provides a prescription frame solution for the growing consumer and enterprise smart glasses market.

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Less stress. More enjoyment.

Smart GOLD™ is the most advanced digital free-form lens optimized for smart glasses. Using our proprietary lens technology and the latest digital free form fabrication, Smart GOLD virtually eliminates distortion, eye fatigue and strain, and provides the clearest vision possible.

Greater visual clarity and less eyestrain and fatigue mean users can wear and use their smart glasses for longer periods of time.

Smart GOLD™ prescription lenses are engineered for the unique visual demands of smart glasses and offer more than standard lenses. For monocular devices, we create an additional, optimized optical center where the display is viewed and compensate to balance binocular vision to eliminate prismatic effect and off axis aberrations. For binocular devices, our calculated compensation resolves the discrepancy between the fixed device PD and user’s individual PD.

Smart GOLD accommodates the widest prescription range possible: -12.00D to a +8.00D SPH with up to a -4.00D CYL.*

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* Google Glass: -12.00 to +8.00 Sphere with a -4.00 Cyl | Vuzix M100: -12.00 to +8.00 Sphere with a -4.00 Cyl | Epson Moverio: -10.00 to +4.00 Sphere with a -4.00 Cyl | Recon Jet: -4.00 to +2.00 Sphere with a -2.00 Cyl | Sony SmartEyeglass: -10.00 to +4.00 Sphere with a -4.00 Cyl

Smart GOLD Lenses Block Harmful Blue Light

All Smart GOLD lenses now block harmful blue-violet light emitted by digital devices. Smartphones, tablets, TVs and even LED light bulbs are common sources of blue light, and smart glasses are the latest source. Close proximity to users’ eyes intensifies the impact, and too much blue light exposure can cause early-onset macular degeneration.
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