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Sony SmartEyeglasses


We design and manufacture a unique prescription insert tailored to the Sony SmartEyeglass that allows users to fully experience the device without visual impairment or strain.


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Sony with insert

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Device At A Glance

The Sony SmartEyeglass™ features a binocular, see-through display with a wired controller that connects to your smartphone. The apps are run from the smartphone, and new augmented reality apps can be developed with the SmartEyeglass™ SDK. The display is in the line of sight and monochrome, creating an augmented reality experience. With a full sensor suite, microphone, and built-in camera for both pictures and videos, the Sony SmartEyeglass™ packs an impressive amount of power into the sleek frame.

Our Enhancements

The Sony SmartEyeglass™ cannot fit over existing eyeglasses, which makes it impossible for anyone with a vision correction to properly see the display. Our prescription insert solves this problem, allowing wearers to experience the SmartEyeglass™ fully, without visual impairment and strain.

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