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Prescription frames designed to fit under Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality devices.

UnderRx 14
$199.00$249.00 $99.00$149.00
UnderRx 15
$199.00$249.00 $99.00$149.00
UnderRx 16
$199.00$249.00 $99.00$149.00
UnderRx 17
$199.00$249.00 $99.00$149.00
UnderRx 21
$199.00$249.00 $99.00$149.00
UnderRx 8
$199.00$249.00 $99.00$149.00

At A Glance

The wire frame construction, patented temple arm and classic look allows UnderRx frames to be worn on their own in addition to underneath smart glasses, making them a more universal frame solution than device-specific inserts.

The patented temple arm design for UnderRx was originally developed for Navy seals, divers and first responders to fit underneath a variety of masks without breaking the airtight seal. Using the same Military-grade concept, UnderRx provides a prescription frame solution for the growing consumer and enterprise smart glasses market.

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