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Vuzix M100


We create revolutionary products tailored to the Vuzix M100 device to enhance functionality and leave users feeling comfortable and looking sharp.

SFV-100S (Safety Frame)
Vuzix M100


Vuzix Video
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Device At A Glance

The Vuzix® M100 is one of the leading smart devices for enterprise applications. With a monocular display and onboard computing power, the M100 is designed for a multitude of hands-free use-cases across industries. The Vuzix® device easily pairs with smartphones via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and features a camera for both still picture and video. Being Android-based, the M100 is compatible with thousands of existing apps. Vuzix® also provides easy access to developer resources to create custom apps to suit virtually any need.

Our Enhancements

The M100 needs a carrier to hold the device. We designed the optimal frames to balance the weight of the unit and secure the device, all while remaining comfortable and looking sharp. With an easy mount mechanism, the device securely pops onto the side of the frame, steadying the display. Our classic frame designs are available in multiple sizes for the best fit and user experience.

With the vast majority of Vuzix® M100 users being in the enterprise sector, offering a safety solution is critical. Our prescription-ready Z87 rated safety glasses offer the same great fit and function that our fashion frames provide, and come complete with safety side shields and safety lenses.

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